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Human Resources

Problems in today’s Business

The sensitive content of documents and the requirements of privacy laws mean that paper documents, computer files, and e-mail must be handled with great care. The growing number of electronic documents and the variety of available media make it even more challenging to keep up with today’s requirements. Being able to securely set up access rights, tamper free electronic filing, and integration within HR’s existing IT system, all make a Document Management Solution (DMS) system virtually irreplaceable. Properly configured, even the system administrator can’t access sensitive HR documents.

Legal Requirements

A growing number of laws require long-term, secure storage of personnel files and documents. Administering paper documents in file cabinets is both costly and unsecure. Confidential employee health and disciplinary information must be maintained in a secure environment. A DMS can control who has access to what information, allowing users to access only the documents they need in order to do their specific job.

Benefits of a Electronic Document Management System

  • Legal requirements are more easily met when using a DMS: All personnel documents can be electronically filed as long and securely as required. Authorized staff may retrieve any information at any time.
  • Office and warehouse space is saved, not to mention saving on the high cost of offsite storage and retrieval.
  • E-mail is filed automatically, without printing, hole-punching and storing them in a binder. Complying with locking and notification schedules and deletion of data beyond retention schedules is guaranteed.

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