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Variable Data Printing

Transportation-Logistics is indeed the driving force that moves commerce around the world. Now, PlanetPress Suite can be the driving force behind your logistics forms and documents.

When fuel, insurance, salaries and other logistics costs are fixed, opportunities to reduce expenses must come from other sources. Many logistics professionals are turning to their printed forms, labels and other materials for immediate cost savings. The key is to establish a state-of-the-art document system, starting with printing. Laser printers provide an affordable alternative to dated impact printing. The result is documents with more functionality, better quality, and greater media flexibility. Customers and suppliers get the printed verification and information they want without struggling with flimsy carbon copies.

Benefits include:

  • Replace preprinted multipart forms with less expensive, better quality alternatives
  • Control versions and distribution and print forms directly where they are needed
  • Eliminate the waste associated with obsolete preprinted bulk quantities
  • Never run out of the forms you need and always have the current version
  • Transform your operations and supply chain management with better documents and goods tracking

Let us design a printing solution to streamline your organization and improve your ROI. Contact us for your no-cost needs analysis with a BBDS Solution Consultant.