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About Us

BBDS Solution Consultants carry a range of professional certifications including Microsoft® Certified Systems Engineer, Certified Document Imaging Architect, Electronic Records Management Master, and AIIM Capture Practitioners. Our technical development team offers a full range of services including custom applications and systems integration.

Our custom document management solutions have almost limitless scalability to allow for organizational growth, and Bits and Bytes Document Solutions has the industry experience and technical knowledge to support it. We offer a comprehensive collection of products and services to accommodate the adaptation of a streamlined office environment and look forward to assisting your organization to run optimally.

Bits and Bytes Document Solutions proposes
to implement solutions that can:

  • Leverage the hardware and software that you are already using, with less costs to upgrade your system to streamline your organization.
  • Allow you to view satellite locations via the web and virtually eliminate courier fees and overnight postage charges.
  • Allow secure document access via mobile applications.
  • Recreate your pre-printed forms at the printer level, eliminating that recurring expense from your budget. We also add barcodes to allow those forms to be managed electronically.
  • Provide tools to search and retrieve documents in real-time, virtually eliminating wait times and lost or damaged documents.
  • Provide remote, self-help access will reduce the burden of the Records Department and eliminate the need to hire additional personnel.
  • Archive documents cutting the required storage area needed to a fraction of the current square footage, without the worry of fire and water damage.