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911 Call Centers

BBDS is one of the first

Bits and Bytes Document Solutions, LLC is one of the first Document Imaging companies to introduce a turn-key Laserfiche® Document Management Solution to 911 Call Centers incorporating eForms Express and the Kodak Scan Station 500 to automate the process of addressing.

Address requests come in and are instantly generated via eForms Express and tracked via unique barcode.  Once they are scanned in Laserfiche, they automatically move within the EDMS to be addressed by a field technician and are then stored in the system.

Human resources can also benefit from eForms Express by implementing an employee paperwork kiosk, allowing staff to fill out leave requests, timesheets, and other paperwork at a PC workstation to be scanned, routed for approval, and archived within the EDMS.

Documents and records are easy to access and are protected from unauthorized access.  Documents are tracked with unique barcodes and an audit trail.  The use of paper is minimized and the need for long-term storage of paper is gone.

BBDS also provides scanning services allowing your organization to scan going forward without the worry and time associated with storing a large volume of documents.

How can we help?

  • Real time search and retrieval
  • Integration with GIS allows you to click on map layer in GIS and access all related documents
  • Integration with CAD system
  • Compliance with 911 RDA

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