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Allow all principals and administrators to view on demand

Implementing a DMS solution can allow the Student Records Department the ability to preserve transcripts in a media that is both secure and easy to access. Authorized users are able to access transcripts, test results, and student information from their desktops in minutes.

Maintain Legal Requirements

Long term archiving of student records is a legal requirement that educational institutions must meet. A DMS is a great way to replace outdated legacy systems and preserve the institution’s records for the future.

Expedite searching and retrieval

Administration can access records requests in real time, instead of searching through boxes of stored records. Records can be printed, faxed, or emailed instantly from the DMS. Information can be shared between the administrative offices and schools without the cost and delay of inter-office mail. Access can be protected with airtight security features within the DMS.

Help your business departments and parents

Educational institutions can also use the DMS to run the entire organization from human resources, to accounting. Another benefit is the ability to set up web access for parents and students to log in and access needed information. Many schools have already put a “parent portal” solution in place. Let us show you how to obtain benefits for your organization for a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Why not start today?

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