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ASA Automotive Systems

Whether your operation is retail, commercial, or wholesale, it’s likely that you’re looking for ways to cut costs any way you can. One of the easiest ways to do this is by controlling printing, eliminating the cost of pre-printed forms, and minimizing paper and toner costs.

With the software from ASA Automotive Systems and the support of your BBDS Consulting team, you can better manage your team, inventory, and bottom line. Your staff can print reports to PDF in minutes, saving time and money. Plus, with real-time search capabilities, they’ll find a document in seconds rather than searching through a file cabinet.

Above all, your business can save on the costs of daily processing of workflows and reports, printing, postage, and more.

Challenges in Traditional Workflows

Manual and Delayed Processes

  • The time between invoices arriving and finally being paid often takes longer than a supplier allows for, meaning your company won’t benefit from early payment discounts.
  • Invoice copies go through many hands before finally being approved for payment.
  • Verification can be slowed down due to missing information from a purchase order or packing slip. Long processing times are the norm if the current approval status is unknown.
  • Questions from suppliers lead to long searches and copying. When originals and copies are both available, they complicate the situation further.

AP & AR Times are Too Slow

  • The time from invoice to collection is slow due to the manual delivery of paperwork, as opposed to digital files, slowing down the AP process.
  • The slow procedure makes it difficult to get early-pay discounts, forcing you to lose anywhere from 2-4% each month before late fees.
  • Pre-printed invoices, statements, mailing labels, envelopes, and postage wastes money.

Poor Customer Service

  • Customers get frustrated when it takes staff minutes to find invoices and supporting documents.
  • Putting customers on hold while staff searches for documents can lead to lost revenue to your competitors.

Solution with ASA Automotive Systems


  • Streamline document editing with automated dynamic updating of price sheets.
  • Eliminate slide machines and copper telephone lines with credit card processing.
  • Speed up the point-of-sale step with electronic invoicing and signature capture.
  • Quickly print reports to PDF image to eliminate an extra step.
  • Free up staff’s time by reducing the time involved in searching for documents.

Save Money

  • Replace outdated impact printers to eliminate the cost of pre-printed forms and cases of paper.
  • Save thousands of dollars a year by converting to laser print.
  • Pay $.07- $.09 per pre-printed form.
  • Reduce overall costs generated from the invoice verification process.
  • Never face late fees and duplicate payments again.
  • Improve payment terms extended by a supplier and leverage contract details.

The BBDS Consulting Difference

BBDS realizes that businesses need solutions that don’t break the bank but improve your business efficiency, with quick, measurable ROI. We believe in working in a phased approach, so your workforce doesn’t experience culture shock and customer service is not sacrificed.

Get support on-demand with our BBDS -Service Help Desk Support, which can be included in the price of your solution.

Let us design the right print and business process solution to streamline your organization and improve your ROI. Contact us for your no-cost needs analysis with a BBDS Solution Consultant.