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Transportation and Logistics

Billing at the speed of light!

Integrated Document Management speeds up business processes, such as “time to invoice”, by reducing search and filing times. In the electronic document management system (EDMS) employees can find any document they need – even those from other applications – with one mouse click.

Pre-printed forms can be eliminated and made available via laser printer or on a tablet. These bar coded, pre-indexed documents can be submitted into the system via scan from a truck stop scanner or via the drivers tablet directly from the field. Barcoding the forms also save labor costs associated with manually indexing the documents once they are returned.

How much is it costing you?

How much are missing BOL’s costing your organization? Do they all make it back in good condition? How long does the accounting department wait to bill the customer? New technologies allow a driver to make a delivery, capture a signature, and submit the signed document on the spot. This allows invoices to be generated faster, shortening your collection cycle. It also eliminates the issue with lost or damaged documents. The driver will not have to look for a “scan station” at a truck stop to return documents to the organization. Postage costs can also be eliminated if the drivers are mailing documents instead of scanning.

Beat the competition

The Transportation and logistics industry is constantly changing under the pressure of new competitors from emerging markets, shifting toll/tariff costs and fluctuating fuel prices. More than ever, success for companies working in this space depends on having the most cost effective, efficient and flexible business processes, in addition to stellar customer service.

Save time, money and headache

  • Quicker invoicing, improved cash flow
  • Integration with applications like ERP and logistics software
  • Fast, error-free record capturing – better data quality
  • Continuous processes for more productivity, enhanced competitiveness
  • Strong client relationships through improved customer service
  • Improved job satisfaction and productivity by reducing processing/search times
  • Legal security since processes can be traced for years
  • Less warehouse storage space for file cabinets/ Elimination of offsite storage costs
  • Reduced printing costs
  • Elimination of pre-printed forms like invoices, work orders, BOL, statements, etc.

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