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Top Considerations for Selecting a Document Management Solution

Looking for a new document management solution (DMS) can feel like a daunting task as the risk of losing critical files is a real possibility. From healthcare companies to auto repair shops, security breaches and documentation loss can cost a company’s reputation, money, and time.

When implementing a new system, overlooking a few extra steps or asking certain questions can lead to a costly downfall. Here’s what to consider if you want to prevent a content and documentation disaster.

What Problems Will Be Solved with a Documentation Management Solution?

It’s likely that you wouldn’t be looking for a new DMS if you hadn’t noticed gaps in your staff’s existing processes. That said, your new software should immediately alleviate your company’s pain points. If you don’t know what challenges your company is facing, get their feedback.

Consider asking them questions like:

  • Is it easy for you to abide by brand guides and standards with the current system?
  • How compliant are you being with sharing and collaboration procedures?
  • What kind of digital backups are you keeping for physical files?
  • How are antiquated documents archived?
  • Are there accessibility measures in place to ensure specific employees have restricted access?

Starting with and identifying your staff’s daily issues can serve as a foundation to your DMS research.

How Easy to Use is the New Documentation Management Solution?

Remember that any new platform requires some kind of onboarding with your staff. However, the less training you have to give, the smaller their learning curve, and the faster their problems can be solved.

However, undertraining your staff could be even more detrimental than the opposite. Should access get in to the wrong hands, you might lose critical documents, which might never be recovered. Strike an even balance between an easy-to-use DMS and appropriate training.

What Kind of Security is in Place with a DMS?

Unfortunately, external hacks and breaches are a risk for even the most tech-savvy companies. Implementing a new software can make your system feel even more vulnerable. Ask your DMS partner whether the new platform has embedded monitoring features, or if someone on your team should dedicate their time to supervising potential threats. It’s important to note that cloud-based management is more secure than local storage since it guarantees multiple backups.

Will the DMS Automate Our Workflows?

Implementing a DMS is more than just a digital filing cabinet or storage tool. It should go above and beyond these duties by supporting your employees in collaboration, version notifications, and transferability. Your DMS needs to have permissions in place that allow certain employees access to specific, relevant files. If your company won’t benefit from any of these features, a new DMS might not be the solution you need at this time.

If you’re in the market for a new DMS and want a dependable partner, BBDS Consulting is here to help. We specialize in working with auto repair shops, healthcare providers, and transportation organizations. Contact us today to get started, or give us a call at 404-382-8273 to speak to a specialist.

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