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Is It Time for Your Auto Repair Business to Go Paperless?

For most companies today, switching from paper to digital files can be a tedious, but necessary process. Not only does it make workflows more efficient, but it’s also an eco-friendly solution to storing necessary documents.

Particularly for auto repair companies, a document management solution (DMS) feels like a daunting task that no one has time to accomplish.  It requires training and a financial investment, and it’s difficult to find a “good time” to switch to a new system.

The good news is the upfront work will pay off when your staff can find files quicker and more efficiently. If your repair shop is considering going paperless, here are the benefits of making the switch.

The Efficiency of a Document Management Solution

Every one of your customers has a file that can range from one sheet to hundreds, depending on how long they’ve been visiting your shop. Multiply that file by the hundreds or thousands of customers you see each month, and your staff is faced with a mountain of paperwork. Your  staff will spend precious time sifting through manila folders and pouches just to find today’s orders.

A document management system lets staff do a quick “search and find” to pull up a customer’s history, repair orders, and vehicle information in seconds, not minutes. Gone are the days of searching through filing cabinets.

In a paper-only system, mechanics waste time writing the same information time and again on each repair order. A functioning DMS removes this duplicate work. With all employees entering accurate information at the point-of-service, you can rest assured that your data is always up to date and uniform across all customers. This also makes for a shared language with your employees and quicker search times in the future.

How a DMS Saves You Money

When your mechanics spend time rifling through paperwork, they have less time to do what you’re paying them to do: fix cars. Implementing a DMS will reduce the need for hiring an extra employee to ensure your systems are running smoothly. The software does the work for you.

A DMS can also reduce your overall costs by eliminating the need to purchase printing supplies anymore. Paper and ink to print hundreds of paper orders each day adds up over time. A DMS removes the need for paper copies, saving you money on paper and ink. Plus, your customers will love if they don’t have to keep up with paper receipts. Emailing them a copy of their services will not only save your paper and time, but it also makes you appear more tech-savvy than the shop down the street.

If you’re looking for a new document management solution for your auto repair shop, consider BBDS Consulting. We have years of specific experience in working with shops like yours. Get in touch with us today or give us a call at 404-382-8273 to speak to a specialist.

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