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Top Mistakes When Implementing Document Management

Keeping an organized documentation process is essential for businesses like auto repair shops, emergency call centers, and accounting firms. In such industries, and for any that handles written records, the amount of paperwork within daily workflows can quickly grow to an overwhelming amount.

By implementing a document management solution, businesses can streamline their everyday paperwork tasks, freeing up their staff’s time for what’s more important. Here are some common mistakes companies should avoid when investing in a document system.

Complex Document Management Systems

Think of a document management system (DMS) as a toolbox: inside, there are various, pre-set tools that help people perform and complete specific projects. If you use the wrong tool, the result could be costly, or it could lead to a dead end where you head back to the toolbox. The same goes for a DMS.

DMS’ capabilities range from building out workflows, to helping employees collaborate, to storing a wide range of document types with varying metadata. It’s a waste of your staff’s time to train them on features that don’t directly benefit their daily tasks. Avoid complexity when possible, and only teach users what’s applicable to them.

Improper Use of Document Management Systems

The beauty of a high quality DMS is that it comes with an open API—giving you the capability to integrate with your existing programs, as well incorporate applications within it. That being said, your new DMS should be view as a platform and not an application, like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Although the default interface will mostly get the job done for your employees, you’re not fully using the DMS to the company’s potential. Sometimes it takes a little extra coding and configuration to build a DMS that’s perfect for your company’s needs. However, the payoff is your employees can interact with one dashboard for all their tasks.

Outdated DMS Workflows

One of the greatest benefits of a DMS is the fact that it keeps all your documents in one place without having to manually search through file folders. Your workflows should mirror this change. If your staff continues with manual habits once digital documentation is implemented, their work could be doubled. This results in lost time and labor they could spend doing more important tasks than searching.

With a DMS in place, your daily tasks should be streamlined and more efficient than ever before, especially when it’s coupled with the integration of your existing software. The more you can integrate into what’s already in place, the more effective your workflows will be. Consider integrating with platforms like your client records base, time and billing system, project management, and any others that your staff uses on a day-to-day basis.

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