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Defining Document Management and How It Improves Your Business

A document management consultant is often viewed as a service reserved for major corporations. However, the reality is that most businesses have a significant number of documents making their way through the office, and improper handling of that information can be costly to a company of any size.

In fact, a survey recently reported that 40% of all business processes are still document driven. Whether your company is small or large, ineffective document management can be very impeding to its success. Here’s how streamlining your documentation process can improve your business.

How Poor Document Management is Hurting Your Business

Physical documentation alone puts your business at great risk and can cost you time, clients, and, as a result, money. Consider a doctor’s office who cannot find crucial patient data when an ER calls needing urgent information, or a construction company that misplaces a contract. Both situations can result in unrepairable relational damage with your client and expensive lawsuits.

Although having a training and dedicated staff to filing can help, at the end of the day, human error is unavoidable. Implementing a digital document management system (DMS) will solve all these issues and more.

What is a Document Management System (DMS)?

A DMS is a software package that can be readily integrated into most existing networks. The software will link your devices to a cloud storage service allowing easy access for your staff and associates at any time of the day.

You set up your account on the storage provider, and once your document is uploaded, you can manage the restrictions of who can edit and view the information. Good systems will even allow you to access important information from mobile devices.

How Does a DMS Improve Your Business?

In addition to solving the problem of lost documents, there are many other benefits that come along with a DMS. One of the first things many companies notice is the amount of time saved. Instead of trying to alphabetize hundreds of files in cabinets, they simply scan the information as soon as they receive it. When the document is needed again, they quickly pull it up from a searchable database, saving hundreds of hours previously wasted with paper filing every year.

Another benefit is a cost reduction in printer supplies and courier fees. Because the cloud is instantly accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, the day of printing out forms and hiring a courier to deliver them urgently are over. Simply give the person who needs the document permission to view the file or email over a copy of it. This process saves on physical costs and streamlines the information transfer process.

Don’t get caught in the past with clunky, tedious paper filing. Take your business to the next level by implementing a performance-improving DMS. If you’d like more information about paperless document storage, or are looking to implement a new system, BBDS (Bits and Bytes Document Solutions) would love to help. We provide organizational services that are designed to scale with your growth. Contact us today to begin to streamline your business.

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